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Home is not only a Real Estate; it is a dwelling where you reside with your nearest and dearest ones – your ‘family’! Right choice of home is one of the most important decisions of your life, along with the decision of right business - a source to support your living.

Professionals in Ankor Realty put their heart & mind in dealing with this business, not only as a Real Estate subject, but as the ‘Most Important’ subject affecting lives of our clients, with focus on the needs of all family members.

Avoiding Foreclosures

No one wants to be evicted out of the only home. However, economic upheavals in the past few years left many of us grappling with extreme financial challenges in trying to sail through tough times and keep our families in home.

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeded in doing so and couldn’t help falling behind their home mortgage payments because of the hardships beyond their control. Hence the threat of Foreclosure lingers on the only roof over their head.

Some good advice at such a critical stage may help in a process that could cancel or postpone Foreclosure. Ankor Realty Team has years of experience in assisting clients to work with Lenders and their Legal firms for avoiding Foreclosure, with the aim to help a family keep living in their home and get time to work out a solution with their Lender.

Free Consultation for Mortgages

Applying for obtaining a home/ business loan on easy and payable Mortgage payment may not be as simple as it sounds.
A good advice in this tricky business really helps at the time of looking for the most suitable Lender and preparing the application. Since Ankor Realty is not a Mortgage Broker Company, we have no inherent interest in a particular lender or loan type.
However, due to years of experience in matters pertaining to property loans, as well as a vast net work with relevant companies and professionals holding good work reputation, we are in the a position to advice in the best interest of our client.

This consultation is offered free…!!